Two recent college graduates have joined CFES for a year-long fellowship.

Two recent college graduates have joined the CFES team in Essex, NY. Fellows are beginning one-year internships at the CFES central office as part of a program designed to advance career readiness, a key aspect of the CFES model

The two fellows are: Annmarie Collins from County Meath, Ireland, graduate of Trinity College in Dublin with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy; and Anna Garson, from Ardmore, Pennsylvania, graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor of Arts in History and English.

Rick Dalton, CEO and president of CFES, said: “The CFES Fellowships offer valuable experiential learning opportunities for recent graduates. By contributing to special projects and visiting schools integrating the CFES model, the fellows can see how our Core Practices—Mentoring, Leadership Through Service, and Pathways to College and Career—are implemented. We are excited to have both fellows here in Essex, and look forward to helping them advance into the 21st-century workplace.”

“The CFES Fellowship is a great opportunity to do meaningful work while gaining professional development experience,” said Garson. “It’s an invaluable experience to see how CFES builds Essential Skills in students, and I look forward to helping CFES prepare students for college and career readiness.”

In addition to working with schools across the United States, CFES is partnering with Trinity College Dublin, which is using the CFES model to implement programs in nearly 100 Irish schools.

“This unique opportunity will allow me to see firsthand the three core practices of CFES being put into action,” said Collins. “This is also a great intercultural opportunity for me, one that will allow me to build on the Essential Skills I need to begin my career.”

CFES selects two new fellows every year. Students graduating from college in 2018 are eligible to apply for 2018 -19. Fellows are selected in May.

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