25,000 students. 18 states. 2 countries.

Every student deserves an opportunity to succeed—no matter where they live, or the resources that are available to them. Unlike many organizations, CFES Brilliant Pathways focuses on underserved youth in both urban and rural environments.

Both cope with unique challenges. But there are shared hurdles, too, that we overcome. Through college visits and extensive hands-on experiences, as well as cultivating family support, we help students from underserved communities dream of a bigger future.

Break the Poverty Cycle

If there’s one statistic that points to why CFES Brilliant Pathways is critical, this is it.

94 percent of students from affluent families graduate high school, and 87 percent go to college.

The figure is much different for low-income students. Just a third go to college.

A college degree isn’t the only way out of poverty, but it is the surest. We give students the confidence to pursue a college degree, even though most wouldn’t have considered it before we work with them.

CFES Scholars Excel

We’re proud of our results: Nearly 100 percent of our Scholars graduate high school. And 95 percent wind up going to college.