Meet CFES alumna Skye Saunders!

Since graduating from Pelham Preparatory Academy in the Bronx back in 2018, CFES alumna Skye Saunders has built on her experiences interning while in college—honing her skills and being open to new experiences—which led to her to find her new passion in an area that was unanticipated when she started her college and career journey.

Skye began her college years at SUNY Purchase as a journalism major, but when her adviser suggested a double major combining journalism with history, she jumped on the idea. She’d loved her history classes that included Women in America and Latin Studies. By following her interests and taking extra classes, she finished college in 3.5 years!

College internships led to her interest in journalism evolving into public relations and media marketing, but she also tutored students in subjects they struggled with during this time.

After college, she focused on internships involving the media landscape. She ran the social media pages for the nonprofit LMC Media, and then worked for the Publicis Media Groupe, where she was an Account Management Intern focused on Walmart.

More recently, Skye returned to her college campus to work first as an Office Assistant at the Registrar’s Office and then as a Tutor/Social Media Manager for the Learning Center, which assists students in learning, developing academic skills, and attaining academic success.

But now, Skye’s found another passion— helping younger students as a Substitute Teacher. Most of her week is spent in elementary school, and every Wednesday she goes back to her high school, where she helps run the CFES Scholar program.

Helping others has always been a goal of Skye’s and now she sees firsthand the impact for each student she’s worked with as they grow. “I’m excited to see where being a Substitute Teacher can lead me to more interest in the educational route while also giving back to the school communities that helped me along the way,” she says.

When asked what advice she’d give a current CFES scholar about navigating career, college or life, Skye  replied, “Create your path and try not to follow what your friends or peers are doing. You have to do what’s truly best for you and as long as you try, that’s what truly matters!”

In other words, follow Skye’s excellent example and keep being open to new experiences—it will lead you to your passion!

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