Andy C. Ng describes life and its challenges as a video game. He says, “If I get knocked down, it’s almost like I have multiple lives. I know I can get back up, reset, and try again.”

Andy considers perseverance one of the most important Essential Skills he developed as a CFES scholar at Booker High School in Sarasota, Florida. Much of this wisdom was imparted upon him from his counselor and CFES liaison, Lem Andrews, who pushed and encouraged him from the moment they met. While a freshman in New York University’s First-Year-Away Program in London, Andy felt underprepared. Imposter syndrome took over as he noticed the stark contrasts in the opportunities he and his peers had growing up. Thanks to the mentorship of his freshman year advisor – the college version of Mr. Andrews – he resumed the laser focus that led him to NYU in the first place.

The guidance he received from various mentors was fundamental to Andy’s success at NYU and continues to be a part of his life now. He recently graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Education and will be starting as a Program Manager at the design strategy firm, SYPartners, in New York City. If he could go back and give his high school self any advice, Andy says it would be to breathe, reflect, and trust that everything will be worth it.