When you’re a CFES Scholar, you’re part of our family. Our new Alumni Network gives you the support needed to excel in your college career, and to continue from graduation to work.

You’ll have opportunities to network with other CFES alumni and learn ways to apply the Essential Skills both in college and as you begin your career. At the same time, volunteering opportunities give you a chance to share your experiences with current CFES Scholars, and help them realize what you already know: That everybody has a brilliant pathway waiting for them.

About the National Advisory Board

The National Advisory Board is a network of professionals who help CFES Brilliant
Pathways alumni by offering professional support. As a member of the National Advisory
Board, you can provide our graduates anything from a phone call to volunteering by:

  • Connecting with the CFES Alumni LinkedIn group and sharing your story, success tips, and networks
  • Hosting a CFES Brilliant Pathways monthly live chat
  • Participating in career-related panels
  • Attending CFES alumni networking events
  • Engaging with alumni – in person, over the phone, or via social media – by guiding their future college and career pathway

Contact us with any questions about joining the CFES Brilliant Pathways Alumni Network or National Advisory Board.

CFES Alumni Network Highlights

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