Days of College and Career Programming
Activities/Workshops for Students and Families
Partners Supporting our Scholars
CFES Brilliant Pathways will be celebrating a virtual early college and career awareness week, May 10-14.

The new format will allow scholars and families across the country to participate in our programming. Each day will be focused on a different theme supporting their goal of attending college and becoming career-ready. Our team of professionals will be helping make this happen from the CFES headquarters in rural Essex, NY and from key schools across the Adirondacks with the help of our fellows.

Day 1 – Begins with High School

Wear something with the name of your school, the mascot, or just the school colors!

GPA Game

In-school Activity

Brilliant Career Lab

Solo Activity

Scholar Map

With Family Activity

Congresswoman Clarke: Stories of Inspiration

Zoom a NASA Scientist with Cori Quirk

Building Student Leadership with Brian Flores, Miami Dolphins

Mapping and Data Analytics

Day 2 – Career Day

Dress for the job you want! Have others try to guess what career that might be.

Career Scavenger Hunt

With Family Activity

College Bingo

In-school Activity

Career Bingo

In-school Activity

How to Search for a Job (When You Don’t Know What You Want to do)

Sports Management with the Kansas City Chiefs

Manufacturing Hour: Advanced Manufacturing

Careers in Law with Cathy Cox

Day 3 – Dress for Success

It is important to dress very well for an interview. Look as fancy as you can (blazer, tie, dress, button up shirt, etc.)

College/Career Jeopardy

In-school Activity

Financial Aid Bingo

In-school Activity

Financial Literary Arcade Games

With Family Activity

What You Should Know About Managing Money

Your Financial Literacy Journey

Money Management for Students

Day 4 – College Color/Gear Day

Wear something with the name, mascot, or even just the school colors of a college you want to go to or a college you’ve heard about!

College Scavenger Hunt

With Family Activity

What Not to Wear

Solo Activity

Professional Bitmoji

Solo Activity

Create a Bitmoji of your future self in your future career!


Readying for the College Classroom

Career Opportunities in Manufacturing

Video Game Production with Champlain College

Day 5 – Dream about your future!

Pajama day! It is important to “see” yourself going to college or the job of your dreams!

College Pennants

Solo Activity

Cups Strings and Rubber Bands

With Family Activity

Future Reunion

In-school Activity

Preparing Students for a Successful College Transition

Goal Setting with TransPerfect

Moving Down Your Path to College Life

The Essential Skills™

Special Thanks to Our Partners