This article originally appeared in SRQ Magazine.

Booker Middle School has been named a College For Every Student (CFES) Brilliant Pathways School of Distinction. CFES Brilliant Pathways, founded in 1991 in central New York, aims to help students unlock their brightest futures. CFES Brilliant Pathways empowers educators and gives communities a chance to participate in the 21st-century economy, leveling the playing field for 100,000 students for over 25 years. Their programs introduce students to college and career possibilities, provide crucial resources to educators, such as professional development, support and evaluation, and workshops, and help students and their families demystify the path to college. Booker Middle School not only developed and executed an exemplary plan for its CFES Scholars, but also involved the entire school in the CFES core practices of Mentoring, Essential Skills, and Pathways.

About the 2017-18 School of Distinction Awards

Twenty-seven schools across the United States & Ireland have been named Schools of Distinction by CFES Brilliant Pathways. This honor acknowledges the development and execution of an exemplary plan for the entire school in the CFES core practices of Essential Skills, Mentoring and Pathways to College and Career.

In order to be considered for the School of Distinction title, a school must fulfill a strict and varied set of criteria. These criteria involve implementing innovative programs throughout the school to advance college and career readiness, as well as including family members and the community in school activities.

“These 27 schools are global models,” said Rick Dalton, CFES President and CEO. “They are successfully creating a culture of college and career readiness and are helping their students develop the Essential Skills they need to succeed in the 21st century workforce.”