With more than 20 million high-paying jobs expected to go unfilled over the next decade due to a lack of qualified candidates, the nation’s economic competitiveness hangs in the balance. A growing number of leaders in both the private and public sectors, however, have an answer: high-impact corporate-education partnerships that equip students with the necessary Essential Skills to perform the jobs.

Creating and implementing effective corporate-education partnerships will be the focus of an upcoming pre-conference workshop at the 2018 CFES Brilliant Pathways Conference in Burlington, VT, on Nov. 2-3. The workshop is on Friday, Nov. 2 at 9:00 a.m. in the Hilton Hotel on Battery Street.

The “Create a High-impact Corporate Education Partnership” workshop will be led by Kelli Wells, GE Foundation Executive Director for Skills and Education, Greg Muccio, Senior Manager of the People Department at Southwest Airlines, Rick Dalton, President & CEO of CFES Brilliant Pathways, and other corporate and education leaders. Workshop components will include:

  • Defining the Need
  • Marshaling Volunteers and Other Support
  • Developing Essential Skills
  • Learning from Highly Effective Models
  • Designing Your Own Partnership

“Business leaders and educators have got to understand they’re working toward a collective outcome and need to establish goals and work in concert to reach them,” said Harvard Business Professor Joe Fuller at a recent CFES summit in Essex, NY.

Workshop participants will learn how to implement proven comprehensive school/business partnerships, which they can tailor to meet the needs of their organization. Program elements include mentors, internships, speakers, apprenticeships, job shadowing and how to equip students with the CFES Essential Skills that corporate leaders are touting as the missing ingredient.

“It has become abundantly clear that one of the best ways to put students in a position to achieve lifetime success is through effective corporate-education partnerships,” said Rick Dalton, CFES Brilliant Pathways’ president and CEO. The 2018 CFES Brilliant Pathways Conference is focused on equity, opportunity and access and is for K-16 educators, corporate leaders, and other dream-makers to network and hone strategies that prepare all students for college and 21st-century jobs.

Corporate representatives may indicate attendance when registering for the conference. K-12 participants must be accompanied by a corporate partner to attend, and can contact CFES Brilliant Pathways for details.