Over the past 30 years, CFES Brilliant Pathways has helped more than 100,000 students in the United States prepare for college and career work. Located in Essex, NY, CFES works with students in more than 150 schools, in both urban and rural areas, with a focus on three practices: Mentoring, Essential Skills, and Pathways to College and Career.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, your scholars have had to make drastic decisions that have affected their future. We created this training especially for families to help you navigate this challenging process.

During this training, we will explore the following topics:

  • How you can support your student(s)?
  • How are Essential Skills manifested and practiced?
  • What does it take to be college ready?
  • How to pay for college?
  • What do you do with this information to move your student(s) down their college and career pathway?


Session 1: Live Opening Session 

In the opening session, CFES Brilliant Pathways professionals will reveal best practices for helping young people realize their career and college dreams. They will define what new skills are needed in college and the workplace and share strategies to help young people forge a pathway to realize their dreams.

Core Practices

Scholar Map

Scholar Map Directions

Session 2: Essential Skills for College and the Workplace

The Essential Skills: goal setting, teamwork, leadership, agility, perseverance, and networking are interconnected, overlapping, and indispensable when preparing students for success in college and career. This session will address how the six skills can be introduced and nurtured by families and CCR Advisors. 

Essential Skills Mission

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Session 3: Creating College and Career Pathways

Building college and career pathways is critical in helping students shape their future. In this session, participants will learn how to help students identify strengths and weaknesses and, in turn, determine viable and rewarding career paths. Participants will acquire tools to help students identify, pursue and secure jobs, as well as leverage CFES partners and resources, online tools, and other support. 

My Student Profile

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Session 4: Why College and Finding the Right One? 

Selecting the right college or technical school can be challenging. Young people need to consider many factors in selecting a postsecondary option: location, course of study, size, vibe, cost, and affordability, etc. In this session, we will explore the different types of colleges and technical schools to help your child make an informed decision on their future and to find the “right fit.”

College Visit Etiquette

Explore College Virtually

College Campus Scavenger Hunt

Session 5: Getting Financial Aid & Paying for College

This session focuses on helping students and families understand: different types of financial aid, how to secure aid, and how to determine the actual cost of college. When students own the paying-for-college process, they truly become college ready.

Session 6: Live Closing Session

The live closing session will bring together all these topics and show participants how to integrate them into a cohesive plan. You will learn from CFES professionals, engage in collaborative discussions with other families, and be presented with additional CFES resources to support you with your child’s college and career plan.

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