College and Career Readiness (CCR) Advisors change the life trajectories of young people. Recent studies confirm that low-income students need encouragement and accurate advice to move down the college and career readiness pathway. Since 1991, CFES Brilliant Pathways has helped more than 100,000 students prepare for college and careers in more than 150 schools, in urban and rural areas throughout the United States and Ireland.

This training is designed specifically for college students and young adults who will serve as an Advisor/Mentor to high school and middle school students. This training consists of a live virtual opening, followed by three recorded on-demand sessions that participants can view at their convenience, and a live virtual closing that brings together all the elements of the training.

Session 1

College and Career Readiness. What does it mean? And how can a CCR Advisor help? This 45-minute session introduces time-tested methods and the latest thinking about advising and mentoring students in the new paradigm for college and career readiness. During this session, CFES Brilliant Pathways professionals will define what College and Career readiness is, share best practices for helping young people realize their career and college dreams. Discussions will focus on the Essential Skills now needed in education and the workplace, and presenters will share strategies to help young people forge a pathway to realize their dreams.

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Session 2

Mentors change the lives of those they mentor. This session focuses on how advisors can mentor young people to get on and stay on a college and career pathway. Examples of in-person and virtual mentoring activities will be explored along with tools to begin building a mentor/mentee relationship.

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Session 3

While there are different paths to success in college and a career, certain skills are vital. CFES has defined these as the Essential Skills: Goal Setting, Teamwork, Leadership, Agility, Perseverance, and Networking. These Essential Skills are interconnected, overlapping, transferable, and indispensable when preparing students for success in college and career. In this 25-minute on-demand session, we define them and show how CCR Advisors can support students in acquiring, strengthening, and applying these skills along their paths to success.

Essential Skills Introduction

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Session 4

Building college and career pathways is critical in helping young people shape their future. In this session, participants will learn how to help students identify their career interests, strengths, and weaknesses and how to turn these into viable and rewarding career paths. Selecting the right college or technical school to support goals can be challenging. Young people need to consider many factors in selecting a postsecondary option: location, course of study, size, vibe, cost, and affordability, etc. We will explore the different types of colleges and technical schools to help your student make an informed decision on their future and to find the “right fit.”

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Virtual College Tours - A Mentor's Guide

Session 5

This live virtual closing will bring together all the training topics and show participants how to integrate them into a cohesive plan. You will learn from CFES professionals, engage in collaborative discussions with other participants, and be presented with additional CFES resources to support you in creating a college and career plan for your mentee.

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