For 28 years, CFES Brilliant Pathways has been a preeminent force in the college and career readiness space, helping over 100,000 underserved youth succeed in college and the workplace. On October 31, CFES will kick off its 2019 National Conference in Lake George with two daylong workshops to advance professionals in the college and career readiness field.

Participants who attend either the Novice or Advanced workshop and four accredited conference sessions on November 1- 2 will receive a Level 1 or Level 2 College & Career Readiness Professional Development Certificate, issued by CFES Brilliant Pathways.

“This year’s conference is especially exciting because the workshop and certificate allows participants to learn from experts in the college and career readiness arena,” said CFES President and CEO Rick Dalton. “It’s an opportunity that isn’t offered anywhere else at this level and will provide participants a credential that will be attractive to potential employers.”

The full CFES “Changing Life Trajectories” conference officially starts on Friday Nov. 1 with former Boston College and NBA star Dana Barros delivering the keynote address at the Sagamore Resort. Dean Garfield, head of global public policy for the streaming video service Netflix, will speak later in the evening on how students can best prepare to successfully enter the 21st Century Workforce.

The pre-conference workshops offer a rare opportunity for educators to learn the latest strategies for college and career readiness from corporate and higher education leaders, as well as nationally recognized college and career readiness experts.

The Novice session is for CCR Advisors with less than two years of experience and will focus on building CCR foundational skills and knowledge. The Advanced workshop stresses competencies like data usage to optimize CCR decisions, building high-impact partnerships with businesses and colleges, integrating Essential Skills and leveraging financial literacy.

Information on both the workshop and conference can be found on the conference page.