CFES Brilliant Pathways gathered together education, nonprofit and business leaders to focus on challenging trends that are having uneven effects on American students, during a two-day conference focused on helping underserved students thrive in higher education and discover rewarding careers.

The “Accelerating Change: New Frontiers in College and Career Readiness” Conference was held earlier this month in Burlington, Vt., drawing 300 participants from the education, nonprofit and business arenas from 14 states. In particular, students are viewing post-secondary education more warily, opting for more hands-on or entrepreneurial opportunities that are likely to generate more immediate income rather than accumulating college debt, educators told participants at the conference. “This is a time of structural shift, and we need to prepare students for the challenges these changes will certainly bring,” said Tara Smith, chief operating officer of CFES.

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CFES Brilliant Pathways is a global leader in helping K-12 underserved students from rural and urban communities become college and career ready, giving students an opportunity to forge their own route to a bright future. You can learn more at