The following was originally published in Vermont Business Magazine.

Vermont Business Magazine 

CFES Launches Webinar Series: Insights From Entrepreneurs 

The message from high school and college students about their future work expectations is loud and clear: they don’t want to work for someone else. In fact, 60% of teenagers are more interested in someday starting their own business rather than work in a traditional job, according to a new survey from Junior Achievement USA.

CFES Brilliant Pathways has been hearing the same mantra from its students across the country who want advice on how to launch their own startups. In response, CFES is hosting a new webinar series “Insights from Entrepreneurs,” featuring individuals who started small, medium and large businesses in a broad range of fields.

The series kicked off April 3 with Brogan Morton, who developed a Bat Deterrent System using ultrasound to reduce bat mortality near wind turbines at his previous employer. Morton shared his story  about how he struck out on his own in 2020 and recommended the skills students need to be successful as entrepreneurs. Nearly half of teens (45%) said they want to launch social impact startups and that they want to hear from entrepreneurs what it takes to start their own businesses.

Series speakers represent a wide variety of fields, including the inventor of the Jogbra; the creator of the electronic college application; an advanced satellite propulsion system; a DJ and producer who has worked with major recording artists; and students from the University of Vermont’s Entrepreneurship Club.

Relying on research-driven methods and best practices, CFES has helped over 100,000 underserved students from both urban and rural areas become college and career ready since 1991. It currently works with 25,000 students through partnerships with 200 rural and urban K-12 schools and districts in 20 states and Ireland.

Source: 4.7.2023. ESSEX, NY – CFES Brilliant Pathways