Corporate CCR Advisor Training

Corporate CCR Advisor Training2021-04-14T12:31:54-04:00
Live Session
Corporate and Business Leaders

May 13: Live Opening Session at 2pm ET
May 20: Live Closing Session at 2pm ET
*3 pre-recorded sessions to be completed on-demand prior to closing session

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“I like to think of the Essential Skills as a muscle. If you want to grow or strengthen any muscle in your body, you have to work at it, you have to exercise it. There’s no better way to do that than through a CCR Training.”

– Greg Muccio, ‎Director Talent Acquisition, ‎Southwest Airlines

COVID has changed the way students move through the pipeline to the workplace and college: businesses and corporations need to recalibrate how they support young people to become college and career ready.

Over the last decade, CFES Brilliant Pathways has helped dozens of corporations create programs that prepare low-income students for college and the workplace. CFES designed EY’s College MAP (Mentoring for Access & Persistence) program that has helped 2,000 youth in 38 cities attain degrees. Colgate Palmolive and CFES recently partnered where Colgate employees shared their pathways to higher education and the workplace with 1800 CFES students. Other recent CFES partners include: Boston Celtics, Atlanta Hawks, GE, Southwest Airlines and TransPerfect.

CFES can create individualized programs for corporations, train employees to mentor and support students in local communities and even identify an ideal school for a corporate partnership. To help corporate leaders develop the skills and knowledge they need to move the next generation through the pipeline, CFES is offering a five-session training in May. The CCR (College & Career Readiness) Advisor training for corporate leaders will begin on May 13, 2021. Each session runs between 45 and 60 minutes; participants who complete the training will be certified by the University of Vermont.

CCR Training is $1,500 per person, with discounts for groups. Training is certified by The University of Vermont and professional support from CFES will be available after completion!

CFES Partners attend at no-cost!

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Each training consists of two live video sessions scheduled one week apart, and three on-demand sessions that participants view at their convenience prior to the closing session. Participants must attend both the opening and closing live video sessions.

Session 1: Opening (Live)

This live OPENING session will be led by Dean Garfield, Netflix VP, Rick Dalton, CFES President and CEO, alongside two CFES professionals, Tara Smith and Ron Rix. Components of session 1 will include: how corporations can build the future workforce pipeline; the role CFES has played in supporting corporations in these ventures; new paradigms in education and the workforce; how education is the great equalizer; and the impact of COVID on college and career readiness.

Session 2: Understanding New Landscapes (On-Demand)

Learn how today’s students and the higher education landscape have changed, and what this means in how we support our youth. Session 2 will explore ways to help today’s students cope with stress and other issues exacerbated by the pandemic; how students can take advantage of a college admissions landscape that now offers greater opportunities for admissions and financial support; and the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in preparing students to enter college from both rural and urban areas.

Session 3: Building Pathways (On-Demand)

Session 3 will focus on how corporate and business volunteers can help students build career/workforce readiness, including developing the Essential Skills, critical not only for college and the workplace, but in life. Corporate leaders will share how to provide students with opportunities and resources to help them embark on their career pathways and identify and share the core values of different businesses.

Session 4: Impacting Youth: The Value of Mentoring (On-Demand)

This session will guide you, as a mentor, in communicating with and relating to young people, helping you build the tools needed to support scholars in creating pathways to college and career. A mentor can help a young person: overcome challenges, make personal gains in academic performance, explore career opportunities and build lifelong support networks.

Session 5: Closing (Live)

The CLOSING session will be led by Greg Muccio, Director of Talent Acquisition at Southwest Airlines, and two CFES professionals, Tara Smith and Ron Rix. Session 5 will summarize what resources and tools you will need to help students succeed in college and in today’s workplace. Participants will learn about ongoing resources that CFES provides corporate partners as they help continue to move underserved students through the college and career readiness pipeline.


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