Who are CCR Advisors?

First-generation college students rely on numerous mentors on their pathways to college. In a recent survey we conducted, most cited teachers, coaches, community members and others as critical sounding boards.

Guidance counselors are rarely mentioned—because they’re frequently too overwhelmed to focus on students in a position to pursue a college degree.

That’s where you come in. A CCR Advisor™️ can be anyone who is passionate about a student’s success. Our training and tools empower you to support our students as they address challenges such as admission requirements, financial aid applications, and ways of paying for college.

“I like to think of the Essential Skills as a muscle. If you want to grow or strengthen any muscle in your body, you have to work at it, you have to exercise it. There’s no better way to do that than through a CCR Training.”

-Greg Muccio, ‎Director Talent Acquisition, Southwest Airlines

Session 1

Live Opening Session

College and Career Readiness. What does it mean? And how can a CCR Map help? This 30- minute session introduces time-tested methods and the latest thinking about advising and mentoring students in the new paradigm for college and career readiness. During this session, CFES Brilliant Pathways professionals will define what College and Career readiness is, share best practices for helping young people realize their career and college dreams. Discussions will focus on the Essential Skills now needed in education and the workplace, and presenters will share strategies to help young people forge a pathway to realize their dreams.

10-Pt Plan


What Every CCR Advisor Should Know

My Student Profile

Session 2

Strengthening College and Career Readiness Essential Skills

The Essential Skills: goal setting, teamwork, leadership, agility, perseverance, and networking are interconnected, transferable, and indispensable when preparing students for success in college and career. Building college and career pathways is critical in helping young people shape their future. Understanding the emerging careers of the future and the pathways needed to access them is the focus of this module. In this 35-minute recorded session, participants will learn to increase students’ exposures to career options. The Brilliant Career Lab tool will be introduced, to help students identify their career interests, strengths, and how to turn these dreams into viable and rewarding career paths.

Essential Skills Videos

Brilliant Career Lab

Career Outlook Scavenger Hunt

Networking: Weaving your Web

Session 3

Advising Students in Educational & Career Pathways (and utilizing mentors)

Selecting the right career, college or technical school to support students’ goals may seem challenging. Young people need to consider many factors in selecting a postsecondary option: location, course of study, size, vibe, and affordability, etc. In this 35-minute recorded session, we will share tools to mentor students in the Essential Skills, and in creating an educational pathway to the career of their dreams. This session will also explore the different types of colleges and technical schools to help students make an informed decision on their future and to find the “right fit.”

Mentoring Tips

Virtual College Visits

Session 4

Live Virtual Closing – Bringing CCR Elements Together

In this live virtual closing, participants will hear from corporate leaders and volunteers who have implemented CFES tools to create local programs to mentor and support children in their community to develop the Essential Skills and in creating a college and career pathway. This session is designed to bring together all the training topics and show participants how to integrate them into a cohesive plan. Participants will learn from CFES professionals, be introduced to CFES resources to support you in creating a college and career readiness initiative with your company or in your community.

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