In January 2018, we changed our name from College For Every Student – CFES for short – to CFES Brilliant Pathways. This change reflects an expanded mission to help students not only get to college, but to forge an understanding of what sort of job/career they want to pursue – and a vision of how they can realize these goals.

Statistics show the measurable value of a college degree. Today, the highest-paying jobs being created demand college graduates to fill them. While we still believe fervently that college opportunity should be available to every student, we recognize that students can’t just start college, they need to graduate with skills and knowledge that prepares them for 21st century jobs.

That’s why, more than ever, college and career readiness is at the heart of what we do. This happens through the mentoring relationships we foster, our focus on the Essential Skills, and our emphasis on empowering students to find a path that suits their talents and skills.