Jordan Johnson has spent his life perfecting the art of writing and editing. From crafting poetry
to writing research papers to editing documents for companies like Microsoft, the project
assistant for TransPerfect edits over five million words a year.

The CFES Brilliant Pathways National Advisory Board Member has turned his passion into a
profession. As part of a mentoring partnership between CFES and TransPerfect – the world’s
largest privately-owned language services provider – Johnson encourages his mentees to do the

“One piece of advice I give about navigating college and a career is that no matter what you’re
going for, you’ll always have to work hard to get it,” says Johnson. “But it doesn’t mean you
have to suffer. If you choose to do what you love, you will find happiness.”

Johnson found his happiness through writing in high school and at the Richard Stockton College
of New Jersey, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in literature with a focus on creative writing.
He was also a member of the college literature club and served as an intern in the school's media
production organization, SSTV.

“I always wanted to help and guide people that were in similar situations as me”

“In those classes, I gained an understanding on, not only writing creative pieces, but also an
understanding on how to draft academic research papers,” says Johnson, who placed a close
second to a well-known poet in a slam poetry contest. “During my internship, I gained the ability
to operate cameras and recording technology. It was helpful to learn different skills that I could
apply to my profession.”

Johnson continued to gain writing and editing experience after graduation as a blogger for a
computer games company; writing thought-provoking articles for an online platform; and
producing articles with unique perspectives on entertainment and some controversial topics. In
doing so, he utilizes the Essential Skills of networking, agility and perseverance that he shares
with his mentees at CFES schools.

At TransPerfect, Johnson has taken his writing and editing skills to another level while assisting
project managers in completing a wide variety of legal translation jobs. In addition to editing and
reviewing translated documents for companies such as Microsoft, GE & Facebook, he also
reviews over 700 documents on Intellectual Properties, court documents, bank statements and
birth certificates.

“I always wanted to help and guide people that were in similar situations as me,” says Johnson.
“I want to be someone that can be relatable, but also someone that tells young people that there’s
better options out there then they know.”