Change a life in 7 steps.

Our College and Career Readiness Adviser Training takes just a week to complete—but will have a lifelong impact on the students you work with. In two live and five pre-recorded sessions, you’ll compile a toolkit that will help students at all stages of the college process. From awakening them to the possibility of higher ed to understanding how to read a financial aid letter, you’ll become a trusted source as students embark on this important journey.

Session 1: Opening (Live)

College and Career Readiness. What does it mean? And how can a CCR Advisor help? This one-hour session introduces time-tested methods and the latest thinking about reaching and mentoring your students. And it lays the groundwork for the five pre-recorded lessons that follow.

Session 2: Value of Mentoring

CCR advisors change lives. How? We’ll show you in this 45-minute webinar. In addition to success stories and other examples, this session introduces tools and skills needed to guide scholars along their college and career paths.

Session 3: Essential Skills

Agility. Leadership. Goal setting. Networking. Perseverance. Teamwork. They aren’t just words to us—they are Essential Skills. In this 45-minute on-demand session, we define them and show how CCR Advisors can help students use them along their paths to success.

Session 4: College Readiness and Paying for College

Sticker shock derails many college ambitions. It doesn’t have to. This 45-minute webinar focuses on helping students master the financial-aid process. You’ll learn the lingo and the importance of building networks to locate grants and scholarships.

Session 5: Career Readiness

Workers with college degrees earn significantly more than those with just high school under their belt. Meanwhile thousands of high-paying jobs in STEM fields go unfilled. This session offers tools to help scholars learn their worth, and narrow their career path focus.

Session 6: Topics of Today

COVID-19 forced schools to fundamentally rethink how they deliver education, while BLM protests drove introspection on equality and systemic racism. This on-demand session touches on these topics and others, such as how rural students can support revitalization of their communities.

Session 7: Closing (Live)

With the foundations in place, this one-hour live session CCR Advisors put it into practice. Participants will talk through strategies with a case study and hear from experts on the next steps.

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