Change a life in 4 steps.

Our College and Career Readiness Adviser Certification Training takes just a week to complete—but will have a lifelong impact on the students you work with. In two live and two pre-recorded sessions, you’ll compile a toolkit that will help students at all stages of the college and career readiness process. From awakening them to the possibility of higher education to understanding how to read a financial aid letter, you’ll become a trusted source as students embark on this important journey.

Session 1: Opening (Live)

College and Career Readiness. What does it mean? And how can a CCR Advisor help? This session introduces time-tested methods and the latest thinking about reaching and mentoring your students on a college and career pathway. It lays the groundwork for the two pre-recorded lessons and resources that follow, by defining college and career readiness.

Session 2: Value of Mentoring & the Essential Skills

CCR advisors change lives through mentoring and the development of Essential Skills. How? In this webinar, you will be introduced to the 6-Essential Skills and how to develop them with children. In addition to success stories and other examples, this session introduces tools and skills needed to mentor scholars along their college and career paths.

Session 3: College and Career Pathways

Workers with college degrees earn significantly more than those with just high school under their belt. Many of the current jobs and jobs of the future are in the STEM field. Sticker shock derails many college and career school ambitions; It doesn’t have to. This session focuses on helping students master the application and financial-aid process. You’ll learn the importance of building networks to locate and access grants and scholarships.

Session 4: Closing (Live)

With the foundations in place, this live session supports CCR Advisors in putting their learning into practice. Participants will talk through application strategies and hear from experts on ways to use the CCR Scholar Map with young people. Participants will also be introduced to CFES resources to support them as a CCR Advisor. Upon completion of this training, you will receive a certificate from the University of Vermont, University of Wyoming, or Thomas College and CFES Brilliant Pathways.