What Is Mentoring?

Mentors – who are community members, college students, teachers or peers – establish supportive, school-based relationships with mentees to help them become college and career ready.

In Other Words

A mentor is a positive role model who can provide advice and guidance to help you get ready for college and a job.

Why Is Mentoring Important?

Mentoring raises educational aspirations and academic performance, builds college and career knowledge, and promotes Essential Skill development.

Here’s How CFES Scholars Engage In Mentoring

  • They’re serving as mentors to younger peers to help them become college and career ready.
  • They’re meeting with community mentors to complete college applications and learn about career opportunities.
  • They’re engaging in conversations with business leaders who discuss their own pathways to college and jobs.
  • They’re meeting during advisory periods to set and achieve goals with teachers who serve as mentors.

Resources To Build Your Mentoring Opportunities

The following games, activities and tips are designed to support CFES students on their Mentoring journey.