6 Steps to make it happen.

This playbook is designed to be used both virtually and in person, the choice is yours.

Building an effective program in 6 steps.

A Step-by-step guide to Building an Effective Mentoring program. The Playbook is based on research from years of building and designing successful CFES mentoring programs in our schools across the United States and Ireland. We have streamlined the process so that you can focus on high impact practices.

Step 1: Begin with Program Goals and Purpose

Your team’s first step in designing your mentoring program.

Step 2: Establish Program Structure

Your team will build your timeline, action plan, schematic, roles and responsibilities.

Step 3: Design Mentoring Sessions

Your team will select and design your mentoring activities.

Step 4: Plan Anchoring Events

Your team will outline several signature events and activities.

Step 5: Embed Program Outreach and Influence

Your team will decide how to best get the word out about your program.

Step 6: Collect Evidence of Success

Your team will choose the evidence to collect to know your program is working.