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What Is Pathways?

Pathways to College & Career helps students understand how to access post-secondary education and how to find and prepare for an appropriate 21st century job.

In Other Words

Pathways will help you identify your college and career goals and give you the tools you need to achieve them.

Why Are Pathways Important?

Pathways help students understand the importance of a college education and the paths they can take to get there. By educating Scholars about the college process and career options, they will soon see that going to college and having a successful career can be a realistic part of their future.

Here’s How CFES Scholars Are Being Exposed To Pathways

  • They’re participating in college and career conversations about what it takes to become ready for the future.
  • They’re developing the Essential Skills by engaging in regular goal-setting opportunities, building a strong network, learning how to become leaders, practicing agility and perseverance, and working in teams.
  • They’re visiting college campuses, engaging with college faculty and students, job-shadowing, and being mentored by career professionals in their communities and beyond.
  • They’re assessing interests and exploring career fields through the interactive website,

Resources To Build Your Pathways Opportunities

The following activities and tips are designed to support CFES students on their Pathways to College and Careers.