The following article was originally published on Newswise (September 13, 2021).

Newswise — Few companies can speak to the importance of adopting change models to stay ahead of the curve better than Netflix. Two of its top executives will share strategies for how to apply this mindset to the field of education at the 30th CFES Brilliant Pathways Global Conference “Leading the Way: The New College and Career Readiness Paradigm.”

Opening Keynote Speaker Amy Reinhard, Vice President, Studio Operations at Netflix, and Dean Garfield, CFES board member and Netflix Vice President, Public Policy, will discuss not just today’s paradigm, but the paradigm to come and how to prepare for it.

“If the last two years taught us anything, it’s that change is not going away,” said CFES President Rick Dalton. “Our keynote speakers embraced this credo long ago and used it to help redefine an entire industry. They will show our educators, students and partners how to embrace change and take advantage of the opportunities that come from it.”

The CFES conference will convene a global network of education, business, government and philanthropic leaders committed to advancing the CFES mission to ensure that underserved youth are ready for college and the workplace. Over 3,000 plus virtual participants will join another 200 on-site attendees at the Sagamore Resort on Lake George (NY).

The conference agenda will address obstacles facing students and educators heading into the 2021-2022 school year. Topping the list is returning students to postsecondary pathways that lead to social and economic mobility and reversing a 30 percent drop in college enrollment among low-income students.

The future of education is being shaped by several trends, and educators will learn about how these trends impact the work we do each day. Conference speakers will also provide the latest data and practices for how to overcome a lack of internet connectivity, take advantage of virtual college tours, mental health issues and best practices that participants are implementing in their own schools.

Reinhard and Garfield have helped Netflix grow into a global giant with more than 210 million subscribers by envisioning the future of entertainment and disrupting both audience and industry expectations. Reinhard, who previously served as Vice President of Content Acquisition at Netflix, oversees global acquisition of Hollywood film and TV product. She is also responsible for local language acquisitions in Latin America, Europe, and India. She was previously President of Worldwide TV Licensing and Distribution for Paramount Pictures. She is a graduate of Harvard College and received her MBA from Harvard Business School.

Vice President, Public Policy at Netflix. Dean C. Garfield is responsible for Netflix’s global public policy. He serves as Netflix’s leading lobbyist around the world, working with local producers and governments, creating ratings systems for content and negotiating government intervention on production. He is a graduate of Middlebury College, has a law degree from New York University and a master’s in international affairs and public administration from Princeton University. Garfield also serves on the CFES board.