“Without CFES I wouldn’t have known how to get into college. It opened up my world.”

—Jeremy Silva, Standing Rock Sioux Reservation, ND


For students from affluent families, education is the foundation of their future aspirations: 94 percent graduate from high school. And 87 percent go to college.

The story is much different for low-income students. Just half graduate high school. Fewer than a third go to college.

CFES Brilliant Pathways upends those expectations.

95%: Percentage of Scholars from low-income households.
99%: Percentage of Scholars who graduate high school.
95%: Percentage of Scholars who enroll in college

College isn’t the only route to breaking the poverty cycle, but it is the surest. CFES Brilliant Pathways gives students the confidence to consider that path – even though most don’t have personal experience with it before we work with them.

9 out of 10: Number of CFES Scholars who are the first in their families to attend college.
25,000: Number of CFES Scholars who visited a college campus last year.
25,000: Number of CFES Scholars who worked with a mentor in the most recent academic year.


Our model has stood the test of time — and changed to reflect today’s realities, when our focus has shifted to ensure students are prepared for both college and the workforce.

150: Number of schools and districts in the U.S. and Ireland that have partnered with us this year.
1,500: Number of school districts where we have worked since 1991.
100,000: Number of CFES Scholars we’ve supported.


“My main goal as a Scholar was to help myself and my peers get to college. CFES gave me the knowledge to help others and the skills to make a difference in my community.”

—Shameka Cobb, Wadleigh Secondary School, NY
Cornell Medical College ’14