Guides to the future needed. Training provided.

CCR (College and Career Readiness) Advisors are vital to guiding underserved students through a landscape that has forever changed in recent months. That’s why CFES Brilliant Pathways and our partners will train and certify 5,000 CCR advisors over the next 18 months.

Who are CCR Advisors?

Underserved students rely on numerous people to help them move down their pathways to college and the workplace. In a recent survey conducted by CFES, more than 90% cited teachers and school staff, coaches, community members and older peers as critical pathway advisors.

That’s where you come in. A CCR Advisor™️ can be anyone who is passionate about a student’s success. Our training and tools will empower you to support students as they explore college and career options, admission requirements, financial aid applications, and ways to pay for college.

How Training Works

The course starts with a live opening session that shares the building blocks of college and career readiness. Following the opening, participants engage in lessons that focus on practices like mentoring, Essential Skills and steps to become ready for postsecondary education and the workplace. These subsequent sessions are tailored to parents & families, high school & college students, corporate partners and school staff.

We bring it all together and melds what participants learn into a plan to help students. Newly minted CCR Advisors leave with college and career mapping tools, a national network of CCR Advisors, and other resources to meet ongoing challenges.

Participants who complete the training receive a certificate from the University of Vermont. While the CCR Advisor training costs $1,500 per person, it’s free for CFES educators, students, their families and CFES partners.

Upcoming Trainings