The CFES Brilliant Pathways experience is built upon the Core Practices – interactions and activities that are critical to success and can be accessed by anyone.

These practices become second nature because every CFES Scholar is exposed to one or more of these practices every day.


Every CFES Scholar works with a mentor who can share first-hand experiences and offer guidance to overcome challenges and help become college and career ready. Mentors include peers, college students, educators and other professionals.


Motivated, successful individuals rely on more than academic knowledge to succeed. They rely on a host of attributes we call the Essential Skills:

  • Goal setting – Identifying what you want, and how you can achieve it.
  • Teamwork – Collaborating with others to reach a common goal.
  • Leadership – Taking charge of your future and helping your peers do the same.
  • Agility – Adapting and responding to changing circumstances.
  • Perseverance – The determination to overcome challenges to achieve your goals.
  • Networking – The art of turning an acquaintance into a supporter.

At a time when technology is upending traditional careers, students need more than job skills to be ready for a changing future. The Essential Skills are an intrinsic part of that process.


College is critical to breaking the poverty cycle, but a diploma alone doesn’t guarantee success. Through partnerships with businesses, colleges and universities, we help students find their passions and understand what it will take to turn them into careers. CFES Scholars receive information on the college admission process, paying for college options and other aspects of higher education. Tools like our Brilliant Careers app and Scholar Map help students find a career they’ll love and plan their pathway to get there.