To build strong bridges, start with solid foundations.

Nobody succeeds without help. Our students need supportive teachers, passionate advocates and dedicated mentors. And those educators and advocates need resources. They need training. They need tools that work in the real world to help young minds thrive.

teachers and students in Classroom

Enter CFES

CFES Brilliant Pathways empowers you to do the work you love, helping each of your students succeed and achieve goals they might not have deemed possible.

We tailor our program to your school’s needs, using existing resources in your community, and supplementing any shortfalls with our own tested and evolving tools and methods. You’ll get on-site program support, and access to leading figures in college and secondary education at our annual national conference.

Our program directors and staff will show you how to utilize hundreds of online members-only worksheets, activities and other resources to bring the CFES Brilliant Pathways program to life at your school. For example:

  • Nurture a mentoring program at your school using our program checklist.
  • Hear how our Scholars address social justice demands, climate change and other pressing issues in our Advice from Fellows section.
  • Introduce students to careers in advanced manufacturing, video game production and other fields with our monthly Career Hour online panel discussions with industry leaders.
  • Tap into live webinars, or watch from our archive of programs covering financial literacy, career pathways, and other key subjects.
  • Evaluate your school’s progress in implementing our core programs with our detailed end-of-year assessment form.