CFES Brilliant Pathways empowers you to do the work you love – so you can help each of your students achieve goals they may not have even dreamed of.

Throughout our partnership, our program directors and staff will work with you to tailor our program to your needs, using existing resources at your school and community. We’ll introduce you to our network of colleges and businesses, exposing students to educational and career possibilities as you increase your own knowledge of what admissions officers, college professors and employers expect out of applicants.

CFES Brilliant Pathways provides resources to educators such as:

  • Ongoing program support, both on- and off-site.
  • Planning and training workshops.
  • Exposure to best practices, and leading figures in college and secondary education, at our annual national conference.
  • Hundreds of online, member-only worksheets, activities and other resources to help the CFES Brilliant Pathways program come to life at your school.

You’ll have plenty of support as you do so. Our experienced program directors routinely meet with teachers, administrators and CFES Scholars to ensure that a college- and career-positive culture takes hold in your school. While your school is implementing the Core Practices, our program directors can help establish mentoring programs, work directly with Scholars on college and career readiness or Essential Skill building activities, connect your school with college campuses and build additional partnerships, help you establish goals and milestones, and much more.