The following article appeared in The Daily Star on September 3, 2019

Owen D. Young Central School District has been named a School of Distinction for the 2018-19 school year by College for Every Student Brilliant Pathways, according to a media release from the school.

“Achievement of School of Distinction status is testimony that Owen D. Young not only developed and executed an exemplary plan for its CFES Scholars, but also involved the entire school in the CFES core practices of mentoring, essential skills and pathways to college and careers,” Tara Smith, vice president of programs at CFES Brilliant Pathways, said in a the release.

“The official name of the organization, CFES Brilliant Pathways, speaks to the fact that there are many paths for students to choose from after high school,” Guidance Counselor Alicia Soper said in the release. “Whether a student plans to go to college or trade school, military or workforce these students benefit from learning the essential skills outlined as part of CFES core practices.”

“Peer mentoring will kick off again in early October,” she added, “and interested students will have the opportunity to attend a day long peer mentor training event, typically held at SUNY Oneonta. We are looking forward to another great year with our students, and with CFES Brilliant Pathways as our partner.”