College Q&A

Question from Caden James: How many years do you need to be in college to become a game warden?2023-10-16T12:50:23-04:00
Question from Leticia Peralta: I am going away to college this fall. What should I expect of my college experience?2023-10-16T12:51:20-04:00
Question from Anthony Foster: I received an email from a college I am interested in and they will be test optional next year. How will I be reviewed for admission?2023-10-16T12:51:58-04:00
Question from Kari Wood: I took a virtual tour from the list CFES sent out. I know it is a good school, but I was not impressed with what I saw. What do I do?2023-10-16T12:52:23-04:00
Question from Diana Ramirez: My family can’t help me much for paying for college. How can I get a head start on applying for scholarships?2023-10-16T12:52:44-04:00
Question from Chris Lawson: I think I am going to take a gap year. What should I do?2023-10-16T12:52:56-04:00
Question from Josh Tate: I don’t have enough money to pay for college. I still need to pay $3,000. What should I do?2021-09-02T09:09:56-04:00
Question from Erika Clark: HELP! How do I decide between colleges?2021-09-02T09:10:12-04:00
Question from Amy Diaz: I need to make a decision, should I appeal my financial aid or not?2021-09-02T09:10:30-04:00
Question from Ian Torres: I am a junior in high school and my easter college tour plans have been cancelled. How do I get a good feel for colleges?2021-09-02T09:10:53-04:00
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