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Mentoring: Mentoring Flags – This activity helps mentors and mentees to find common ground and identify as a team. Working together, they will design a flag that represents their mentoring relationship.

Perseverance: Animal Roundup – This activity helps students understand the value of being persistent and flexible in achieving a goal. Students will attempt to order themselves by the size of their favorite animals using only gestures and animal sounds.

Leadership: Alphabet Dancing – This activity will help students practice the skill of leadership (and teamwork) while involving participants in a healthy competition. It also works well as an initial icebreaker.

Teamwork: Clap Relay – This activity teaches communication skills, improves team functioning, and works with groups of all sizes.

Networking: Real Life Emoji – Successful networking is not just about what you say to someone, but how you say it. Body language plays an important role in how other people interpret what you say and who you are. This activity is similar to Telephone, except instead of communicating a phrase, students will nonverbally communicate an emotion.