There’s an amazing future waiting for you. And we’ll help you find it.

So many of the CFES Scholars we work with are like you – eager to figure out what’s next, but unsure what steps to take to get there. Maybe you don’t know many people who have gone to college. You might not be sure how you could pay for it, or if it’s worth the price tag. Maybe you don’t know what you want to be, how to get there, or what kinds of jobs are available.

Our Core Practices – Mentoring, the Essential Skills and Pathways to College and Career – give you the confidence, knowledge and support to not only find a future that works for you, but to prepare for it.

  • You’ll team up with a mentor that you can lean on for advice and guidance. Chances are, your mentor has been through the same challenges you’re facing. Benefit from their experience!
  • You’ll visit a college campus (every one of our CFES Scholars goes to at least one each year). Meet students, learn what it takes to apply and learn about the different ways to make college affordable – it isn’t out of reach!