College and Career Readiness (CCR) Advisors change life trajectories of young people. Low-income students need encouragement and advice to move down the college and career readiness pathway.

The opening session features a keynote speaker and other experts who share the latest research and best practices for how to help young people realize their postsecondary dreams. They explain the necessary building blocks for advisors in reaching students from diverse backgrounds and the tools to carry it out. Session one lays the foundation for five pre-recorded sessions, culminating with a live closing session.

Format: Live Video Meeting (1 hour)


  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Defining College & Career Readiness
  • Advisor’s Role in Helping Students Become College & Career Ready
  • Exploring Trends and Changes in the College & Career Readiness Space
  • Skills Needed to be a CCR Advisor
  • Fostering a CCR Culture


  • Building Blocks of CCR
  • What Every CCR Advisor Should Know
  • College Readiness Timeline