Although there are different paths to college and career, certain competencies are vital. CFES calls these the Essential Skills: goal setting, teamwork, leadership, agility, perseverance, and networking. Essential Skills are interconnected, overlapping, and indispensable in preparing students for success in college and career.

In this session, participants learn about these critical competencies for students to better prepare for their futures, the integration of Essential Skills in the classroom, and ways in which students can apply the skills in a college and career setting. The pre-recorded session will address how the six skills can be introduced and nurtured by CCR Advisors, while providing sample activities and practical application strategies.

Format: On-Demand Webinar (45 minutes)


  • Defining the Essential Skills & Their CCR Role
  • Integration of Essential Skills in the Classroom
  • Sampling of Activities
  • Practical Application of Essential Skills


  • Essential Skill Definitions
  • Social Media Scavenger Hunt Activity
  • Mission: It’s Possible Activity
  • Fortune Teller Activity
  • Evaluation Tool: Essential Skill Rubric