Cost is the No. 1 reason why students from low-income households choose not to attend college and also why they drop out of college. We need to help students see college as an opportunity to climb out of poverty, not as a place to accrue debt. This means helping students understand how to meet deadlines and become paying-for-college experts who are informed and able to make smart financial decisions.

This session focuses on helping students: build a support system of friends and mentors to find answers, tap into federal aid, get to know people at the financial aid office, and learn the paying-for-college lexicon. When students own the paying-for-college process, they truly become college ready.

Format: On-Demand Webinar (45 minutes)


  • Your College Journey
  • Building Pathway Knowledge
  • Building a Network of Support in College
  • Paying for College


  • Creating a College-Going Culture
  • Engaging Families
  • Financial Aid Primer
  • Available Scholarships