The U.S. job market is evolving at its fastest pace in history. Emerging technologies are creating new career opportunities that only a few years ago seemed unimaginable. One thing hasn’t changed, however: the need for a college education to land a high-paying job in STEM and other growth industries. A person with a high school diploma makes an average salary of $35,580 compared to an associate’s degree ($58,240) and bachelor’s degree ($68,190).


A CCR advisor plays a critical role in helping students shape their future by exposing them to a broad range of career possibilities. In this session, participants learn how to help students identify strengths and weaknesses that will be a key part in narrowing their job focus to lead them down a successful career path. Participants acquire necessary tools to help students identify, pursue and secure jobs using CFES resources, partners, alumni network, National Advisory Board members and other supports.

Format: On-Demand Webinar (45 Minutes)


  • The Difference CCR Advisors Make
  • Helping Students Identify Potential Career Paths
  • CFES Tools
  • Current & Future Jobs and Credentials They Require
  • Activity: Helping Students Find Jobs


  • Career Exploration Video
  • STEM Readiness
  • Brilliant Career Lab
  • Heads Up Activity
  • Tips for Landing a Job