The following article was originally published by the Press Republican.

Boquet Valley Central School, in partnership with College for Every Student (CFES), recently held a parent and student night at the Mountain View Campus. One of the features of the event was a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activity which was designed by West Point Army Astrobotics and required participants to create an efficient shock-absorbing system utilizing index cards, a paper cup, straws, rubber bands, cardboard, masking tape and two Army men. The timed activity had the amateur engineers identify the problem, brainstorm solutions, select a design, build a prototype and refine the design. Here, Auden Clifford (left), Alex McNaughton (center), and Brody Lobdell discuss the merits of their Moon landing modules at the event. Parent sessions included a seminar on gender equality presented by James Shultis in collaboration with the BVCS Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Committee, and a seminar entitled “The Adolescent Brain & Risky Behavior,” hosted by Michael Nerney. Information was available from CFES Brilliant Pathways, Families First, The Prevention Team, and the Craigardan nonprofit arts organization.

By: Alvin Reiner