Where you live shouldn’t determine how far you go.

Fact: Youth in the bottom economic quartile are 10 times less likely to get college degrees than their peers in the top 25 percent. At a time when college is a prerequisite for almost all high-paying jobs, that means millions of American children are being left behind. Our schools need partners to implement the solutions our students need—access to mentors and career guides, exposure to skills that employers expect, and college and career readiness.

Fact: You can make a difference.

Every year, CFES Brilliant Pathways works with 150 schools in 18 states and Ireland. Every one of our member schools contributes a portion of the cost of the program—but those dues only cover part of our expenses.

  • Corporate support. By aligning with CFES, you’re not only investing in our nation’s youth. You’re also supporting our nation’s most underserved communities, which need to prepare young men and women to claim the jobs of tomorrow.
  • Partnerships. Every year, companies such as GE, Colgate-Palmolive, Southwest Airlines and TransPerfect offer internships, mentors and other hands-on experiences to CFES Scholars.
  • Individual support. Some of our most steadfast donors live in the communities we serve—and know the difference our programs make.