Your Future Depends on Theirs.

In the wake of COVID-19, qualified workers have become increasingly difficult to find, no matter what industry you’re in. It’s a problem that’s only getting bigger. Your support of CFES Brilliant Pathways ensures we can work with students across the U.S. to prepare them for college and career, giving them the skills they’ll need to help your business thrive.

College enrollment among low-income high school graduates fell 29 percent last fall. Too often, low-income students who delay their education never go back to school. We’re leading the charge to build strategies to encourage these students to resume their degrees, from building virtual programs to helping corporations redirect existing career-prep programs to students who opted out of college last fall.

Closing the Skills Gap

Even before the pandemic, there were more jobs requiring college degrees than workers available to fill them. CFES Brilliant Pathways collaborates with colleges and businesses to build strategies that expose students to new possibilities.