Experience necessary. Yours.

Every CFES Scholar benefits from our core practices. But there’s some things we can’t bring to the table: Hands-on experience at a professional workplace, for one. And the first-hand knowledge of your employees, who know what it takes to succeed. We want to work with your organization to provide mentors, internships and other real-world opportunities to students at our member schools.

Southwest employee Giving presentation

Our partners include:

  • Southwest Airlines—Exposes students to career possibilities in the aviation industry, as well as career readiness and Essential Skills development.
  • Bain and Co.—Mentors CFES Scholars in Boston.
  • TransPerfect—Mentors students in NYC and Hawaii, and provides virtual content to all our members.
  • EY—Provides mentorship through the College MAP program at 38 locations across the U.S.
  • Colgate-Palmolive—Offers mentorship to CFES Scholars in New York State, as well as select schools in Florida and Texas.