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Burlington, VT – UVM has announced a new program in collaboration with C.F.E.S. Brilliant Pathways, an organization that helps Black and Latino students graduate from college, while preparing them for the workforce.

The UVM-based program will connect students with with academic mentors and paid internships.

According to Brilliant Pathways, black and Latino men are three times less likely to get a degree than their white peers.

Pathway CEO Rick Dalton said the program will face this crisis “head on.”

“We’re looking to ensure our ‘young men of talent’ have the same networks as other young people who may be from different backgrounds,” Dalton said. “Where they grew up, was conversation at the dinner table, ‘okay, here’s how you become a doctor’ or ‘here’s how you become a lawyer’.”

The program will cost UVM $1.75 million over seven years and support 100 students; 20 started in the fall. Another 80 students will enter in the 2024 and 2025 school years.