Our CFES Scholars don’t lack ability. They lack opportunity.

They need mentors to guide them. They need to build skills, such as perseverance and teamwork, that aren’t found in textbooks. And they need to shape a clear vision of what they can do with their lives, and how they can get there.

CFES Brilliant Pathways provides all of those things.

Every day, CFES Scholars engage in our Core Practices – Mentoring, the Essential Skills and Pathways to College and Career – with the guidance of educators and others they already know, who are committed to their success.

CFES Brilliant Pathways partners with hundreds of colleges, school districts and corporations. What we can do:

  • Introduce students to college and career possibilities
  • Provide needed resources to educators, such as professional development, support and evaluation, and workshops
  • Help students and families demystify the path to college

It’s a process that works: 99 percent of CFES Scholars graduate from high school, and 95 percent choose to attend college.